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Should Our Pets Wear Clothes

Should Our Pets Wear Clothes? When is it Too Much?

Why do we dress our pets? Is it because we treat them as if they were our kids? Maybe we dress them for the weather. Or maybe we don’t dress them at all because it’s simply “not right.”

The debate on whether or not we should put our pets in clothes seems to be ongoing. Should we throw pet clothing for good, or do we just worry too much?

Reasons to Keep Your Pet in the Nude

Yes, in many views, no clothes is best for your pet. Putting them in clothes causes anxiety, which acts like a punishment. Dogs, when put in clothes, get a similar feeling to when you yell at them for peeing in the house or locking them in their kennel for something they did (if they’re not used to being in a kennel).

Not to mention, clothing on animals can be dangerous. Putting them in silly costumes on Halloween is just asking for an accident. A part of their outfit could get caught on something or they could choke. Not only could this cause harm to them, but they’re simply not used to wearing clothes so they are uncomfortable and confined. A dog can no longer do “dog things” when they are restricted by clothing; they can’t run in the park or play with other dogs like they would without clothes.

To get straight to the point, it’s simply unnecessary. There is no need to dress up your pet, and it’s only harming their well-being.

My dog, Felix, in his reindeer sweater.

Why People Dress Their Pets

The main reason we owners dress our pets is for protection. Smaller dogs like Chihuahuas need sweaters to be comfortable in the cold, and most dogs will wear rain coats appropriately according to the weather. I have a Yorkshire Terrier and he has to wear a sweater when it’s chilly or else he’ll shiver likes there’s no tomorrow. Pets are often dressed in booties to protect their sensitive paws or lifejackets when out on the water. Some will even wear UV-Ray glasses or goggles. I remember meeting this guy at a park who put “Doggles” on his Yorkie when riding on his motor cycle and thinking that’s freaking adorable. It makes sense considering dogs love to stick their heads out the window.

Some owners dress their pets just for the heck of it, and there’s nothing wrong with that either. Yes, it’s said that animals get anxious but one can’t speak for all. They’re all different, and some pets like to look spiffy in designer clothes. As an owner, you just have to be cautious when dressing your pet for the first time to see if they’re uncomfortable or not. Every pet is different; they have individual reactions to wearing clothes.

So What’s Right?

The controversy continues and there’s really no conclusion that everyone can agree on. Maybe it is a “form of punishment” to our pets. And yes, it isn’t always necessary, but our dogs are already wearing a “fur coat,” right? Finding an end to this debate would be much easier if we could just ask our pets what they think.

Do you dress your pets in clothes? If not, then why?

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